1. Moving past MVP

    “MVP” suffers from over exposure. It has lost its original meaning. Like “beta” before it, MVP is often (usually?) used to allow corner cutting with empty promises of fixing it next time. We should be using clear language that is descriptive and has meaning built in. Beta and MVP did mean something. Unpicking the differences is instructive. A […]

  2. UX Design isn’t UX

    The experience of users. The practice of User Experience Design. The role of User Experience Designer. Three distinct concepts that are too often conflated under the term “UX”. This makes talking about UX Design harder than it needs to be. Communicating clearly is part of design, so lets stop using vague, confusing language. Using “UX” alone […]

  3. UX design isn’t an umbrella

    Designers love defining design because it mean they can define design to be anything and probably everything.

  4. UX design isn’t UCD

    Bad UX design based on wrong assumptions is still UX design. Ideas like “you’re not doing UX design if you haven’t done UX research” keep raising their head in the UX twittersphere. This irritates me. (“Oh no, someone on the internet is wrong!”) User centered design is “… a process in which the needs, wants, and […]

  5. Autocomplete alphabets

    The quickest way to get to a website is: click on the URL bar, type a letter and press enter. Some websites own the key on my keyboard – T [ENTER] is my reflex for getting Twitter. Similarly F for Facebook, E for Ebay. Other letters change over time with the quick access up for grabs. […]

  6. SMS link protocol

    I needed to use a the sms: link protocol the other day and as it’s a rare bit of HTML I thought I’d record my findings here.
    Defined in 2008 it seems to have had sporadic support in mobile browsers over the years

  7. Conclusions: Hamburgers—can you have your cake and eat it?

    “Conclusions” are my take on hot topics once they have got cold. Taking inspiration from the slow news movement. The next dead horses to be given their final flogs are likely to include: Skeuomorphism: good or bad? Does the fold exist after all? and What’s the real definition of UX?  For three little lines hamburger menus got […]


    You know that thing where you need to find a special character and have to go searching ugly Unicode table websites that haven’t been updated for 15 years? I made to help. Or at least to help myself and hope other people find it at least a bit useful. This is very much an Ed-centric with […]

  9. Checkout experience design principles

    By the time a customer is on a checkout page the design has one job: taking their money. Having worked on a few checkouts for major ecommerce sites this is a collection of design principles I’ve learnt, borrowed and stolen. Each may or may not apply to your design, customers, clients or products so as ever apply […]

  10. The web is authoritarian.
    Happy birthday.

    I woke up this morning to read that it’s the web’s 25th birthday, so here’s my web-birthday musings. Last night I read Langdon Winner’s 1980 essay “Do artifacts have politics?”. In it he describes two mechanisms where technology can contain politics. The first is where design decisions have been made that embed biases in artifacts – […]