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Belated links and inspiration and stuff I found interesting this week, decorated with some thoughts:

I’m still unsure exactly what a NUI is…

..but this video, from last year, of Bill Buxton talking about touch interfaces is worth a look:

Directions  = recommendations?

People asking for directions to location can be seen as a ‘vote’ for that venue: There’s probably a lot in it but the semantics of “I need to get to … ” are quite different to “That place was great!”. Not least as one happens before the event and one after.

Boris bikes API

Boris bikes finally open up their API :

W3C DeviceOrientation Event Specification

It’ll probably be a while before this is usable in real websites, but it’d be super useful.

Custom vibration patterns in iOS5

I’m not totally clear how useful this implementation is, but it’d be interesting if vibration was extended with richer ways to provide feedback to users of mobile devices.

Windows 8 and OSX Lion move towards touch

I’d put a different take on it than Fast Co.—it’s not so much about borrowing from mobile devices as moving towards touch-based interfaces. Both companies have had to address how touch UI works on mobile platforms so it’s natural that they will carry that learning forwards as the PC operating systems try to cater for touch. It’s not so much mobile vs desktop as it is touch vs mouse.

Persuasive design is the new trendy

Lots of talk about persuasive design, but I’m so fed up with talk of ethics in design/UX/creativity. If I’m working on a ecommerce website it’s my job to increase the likelihood of someone buying something. There’s no ethics involved in that. If the site was a book shop specialising in hate literature then there’d be a question of ethics as to whether I wanted to work for them, but that’s a question entirely outside design. If you think that using design to get people to do something or change their behaviour has ethical issues you need to grow up.

Semantic web a-go-go

Google, Bing and Yahoo throw their weight behind some structured markup. If they can’t make it work no one can. There’s a need for this, even if it’s imperfect, so I hope it gets some traction.

Content management systems

A nice look at CMSs. CMSs are important and often undervalued. If you’re building a content based site, the IA and UX of your CMS is as important as that of audience facing site. Your users want nice content so give your content creators a nice site to create content in and they’ll create nicer content.

And finally…

Because we all want more graphs in our tweets.

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