Axure wireframe callout widget library

I looked for it but couldn’t find it so I made it. Here’s an Axure library of callout widgets:

It’s not exactly rocket science but hopefully someone might find it useful. Callouts are probably an oddity in the Axure world, as Axure is more based on prototypes rather than wireframes. But at work we use Axure more for traditional wireframes than prototypes so need callouts for on-page documentation. In this environment Axure’s killer feature is it’s SVN based system for collaborating on a shared file. (Try getting three people to successfully update a 100+ page Visio document at the same time without errors…)

Anyway, here are some simple callouts in a widget library that you might like to use. I’ve made them a light blue, similar to the Konigi OmniGraffle wireframe stencils as it seems that that is what many people think callouts should look like. As it happens, we use orange callouts but it’s easy enought to edit the library to have whatever colours you like and change the callouts’ colours in your Axure document.

Get it here: 

(It’s under the Creative commons attribution license so use it for whatever you want, but if you reshare it please give me a credit.)

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  1. Johannes

    I’m wondering why you’re not using the built-in annotation feature?

  2. edeverett

    @Johannes The particular wireframes I’m using these on are documentation for an order journey where there might be hundreds of variation of products or messages shown on the page. We use these to label areas of the page where the dynamic content is. Then we list the variations over the the side, it’s here we use the built in annotations to label up each module with it’s business rules, which release it’s in etc. We use the in built annotations extensively and have spent a lot of time setting them up, but these do something a bit different.

  3. Panayiotis Karabetis

    Hey there, Ed,

    These look great! They definitely remind me of my Omnigraffle days before Axure was discovered :) We’d love to also offer these to Axureland visitors. Would you mind quickly creating an account and posting them for public download?

    Pete @ Axureland

  4. johnson

    Great post..I will try this………

  5. edeverett

    @Panayiotis Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t heard of Axureland – it’s nice site and something the Axure community needs.

  6. Mike F

    Many thanks Ed. Axure default annotations still give me grief. These are cool for the times I don’t dive into Omnigraffle

  7. Frank

    Hey there – how do I install this into my library if I’m using a mac? When I unzip the file I can’t find the library to add…am I looking in the wrong spot?


  8. edeverett

    Hi Frank,

    When you unzip the file you should see a single file called EE_Callouts.rplib. This is the Axure library. If you can’t see this file then perhaps it’s being stripped out by a firewall? I don’t have a Mac to test on but I’ll try to find someone who can test it.

    There’s information on installing the library here

  9. Geoff Bolam

    Hi Ed,
    I’m also on a Mac and having trouble installing the Library.
    Once the ZIp unpacks there is are 2 files ‘document.settings’ and ‘’ and 9 folders, such as ‘Stylesheet’.
    These contain further numbered folders.
    There isn’t an ‘EE_Caullouts.rblib’ file.
    Any ideas?

  10. Marion

    Hi guys,
    I’m on a mac and it’s not working. I found the reason on the AxLib website:
    “.rp is a compressed file format and by default OSX finder unpacks both the .zip and the .rp file it contains. Our recommendation is to unpack the .zip using Windows, or use an archive application such as Stuffit to unpack the .zip correctly.”
    So, Ed, could you send us a direct link to the .rplib ?? Thanks in advance !


  11. Nathalie

    I was having the same issue with Mac, used stuffit and was able to open it fine. Thanks Marion!

  12. mihudebaobei

    may i get this wedget,?thanks

  13. ChuckSchneider

    Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Needed to communicate button sizes and locations. Would be nice if Axure had an overlay that did this automatically. Thank you!

  14. Nick

    Thanks for your great work! this is exactly what I’m looking for… :)

  15. Patrick Rushton

    Thanks for this Ed.

    I also had difficulty uncompressing the zip to an rplib file on a Mac, but eventually managed to do it using an online unzipper:

  16. TJ

    Thanks the wobzip link helped with getting past my firewall.

  17. yhanne

    hi im a newbie how to add this widget to axure? winrar typecan find in load libraries. thanks

  18. yhanne

    im mean winrar cant find in load libraries of axure

  19. kevin

    Thanks for your effort. its great.

  20. Lengend Liu

    Thanks for yours medan winrar cant find in load libraries of axure

  21. celie_sun

    Thanks for yours effort.

  22. Alex

    good,i love it

  23. kellyzhao

    I like it very mach