Design for zombies

The new look BBC website homepage has it’s links as just gray text. Not blue, not underlined and with only the faintest of hover effects. As a result, tired and at the end of the day, I found myself reading the headlines as absurdist poetry:

Sarkozy warns of disintegration,
Inquiry into unfair exam advice,
Child killer Black gets 25 years,
Lodger quizzed on double killing,
Dying woman calls for law change,
Double decker destroyed by fire,
Twitter did not incite rioting.

It almost made sense. I was just reading through them without any reflex to click.¬†Links need to look like links. If not they might work for the aware and the awake, but a lot of browsing happens in people’s half-focused down time or in the evening with a beer and one eye on Master Chef.

So my tip of the day is to design for knackered, half-cut, attention depleted zombies.

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  1. Sarah

    Oh dear, I so laughed when I saw this.