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You know that thing where you need to find a special character and have to go searching ugly Unicode table websites that haven’t been updated for 15 years? I made to help.

Or at least to help myself and hope other people find it at least a bit useful. This is very much an Ed-centric with it being built to scratch my own itch with no UCD principles in sight (it’s nice to have the occasional side project that allows me to design selfishly). But now it’s out in the wild and might have users other than me any feedback or comments on it would be great.

Unfortunately it sucks a bit on mobile as copying content is so clunky – on desktop with Flash it’s just one click to copy the character. (Flash has better access to the clipboard than browsers so it’s not possible to make copying work automatically without Flash).

I’ll expand this post in a bit, but in the meantime happy … err … copying!

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