Autocomplete alphabets


The quickest way to get to a website is: click on the URL bar, type a letter and press enter. Some websites own the key on my keyboard – T [ENTER] is my reflex for getting Twitter. Similarly F for Facebook, E for Ebay. Other letters change over time with the quick access up for grabs. This is my Autocomplete Alphabet as of June:

A is for

B is for
The news in ten.

C is for
They put interesting links in my Twitter feed.

D is for
My current client’s website.

E is for
It’s normally cheaper on Amazon.

F is for
I only seem to use it for chat these days.

G is for
Because I’m a wooly liberal champagne socialist.

H is for
I’m after a DAC for the HiFi.

I is for
There are times that you just need some flat-pack.

J is for
For prototyping interactions

K is for
My preferred to do list and note software.

L is for
Keeping track of all the action.

M is for
Nest is for losers.

N is for
Hey, I made this – I’m famous!

O is for
I don’t shop there, I’ve been researching supermarkets for the current project.

P is for
Aparently not all computers come with Photoshop installed.

Q is for … err … not much …
Move along – theres nothing to see here

R is for
When not if.

S is for
Renovators gonna renovate

T is for

U is for
Giving myself lots of nerd-points for this :-) Reading up on ubiquitous computing.

V is for
We actually have BT Infinity…

W is for
Being about to type on a real keyboard is better than typing on phones – who knew…

X is for … lets not go there …
Actually it comes up with a document in my Google Drive.

Y is for
Just don’t read the comments.

Z is for
Looked at it once, didn’t use it.

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