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  1. UX Design isn’t UX

    The experience of users. The practice of User Experience Design. The role of User Experience Designer. Three distinct concepts that are too often conflated under the term “UX”. This makes talking about UX Design harder than it needs to be. Communicating clearly is part of design, so lets stop using vague, confusing language. Using “UX” alone […]

  2. UX design isn’t an umbrella

    Designers love defining design because it mean they can define design to be anything and probably everything.

  3. UX design isn’t UCD

    Bad UX design based on wrong assumptions is still UX design. Ideas like “you’re not doing UX design if you haven’t done UX research” keep raising their head in the UX twittersphere. This irritates me. (“Oh no, someone on the internet is wrong!”) User centered design is “… a process in which the needs, wants, and […]