Category: patterns

  1. Conclusions: Hamburgers—can you have your cake and eat it?

    “Conclusions” are my take on hot topics once they have got cold. Taking inspiration from the slow news movement. The next dead horses to be given their final flogs are likely to include: Skeuomorphism: good or bad? Does the fold exist after all? and What’s the real definition of UX?  For three little lines hamburger menus got […]

  2. Undesigning the password strength indicator

    Updated 30/12/2013 It’s a small unloved corner of the web but I’ve never seen a password strength indicator that I’m happy with. They all seem to be over-designed. A quick Google image search just returns huge amounts of ugliness, and a Dribbble search shows much the same but with more pixel-polish. The standard design pattern […]

  3. Axure wireframe callout widget library

    I looked for it but couldn’t find it so I made it. Here’s an Axure library of callout widgets: It’s not exactly rocket science but hopefully someone might find it useful. Callouts are probably an oddity in the Axure world, as Axure is more based on prototypes rather than wireframes. But at work we use […]

  4. The make up of article pages

    This image was created by colouring and then overlaying the content areas from article pages from the UK’s biggest news websites. (It’s quite tall, so please do scroll past it to where I’m actually saying something). Key: Grey = Global navigation/branding Blue = Article content Green = Links to related content Turquoise = Share content […]