Category: speculative

  1. Autocomplete alphabets

    The quickest way to get to a website is: click on the URL bar, type a letter and press enter. Some websites own the key on my keyboard – T [ENTER] is my reflex for getting Twitter. Similarly F for Facebook, E for Ebay. Other letters change over time with the quick access up for grabs. […]

  2. Thoughts on designing for security fatigue

    I can’t remember where, but several years ago I read something along the lines of the usability of a website being as if the user was carrying a bucket of water, every time they came across a usability hurdle they’d spill a bit of water; when the bucket was empty they’d leave your site in […]

  3. Being excited by boring technology

    “We’ve reached an age where this stuff is technologically boring enough to be socially interesting.” — Clay Shirky Back when I worked as a web designer and front end developer my default browser was IE6. Yes I hated it as much as everyone else, but it was what most people used so it was what […]

  4. … and they said faster cars.

    There’s famous and cliched quote attributed to Henry Ford: “If I had asked my customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse.” If genetic engineering had been around at the start of the 20th century faster horses would have been built. And the development of cars would be set back decades. There […]