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  1. Conclusions: Hamburgers—can you have your cake and eat it?

    “Conclusions” are my take on hot topics once they have got cold. Taking inspiration from the slow news movement. The next dead horses to be given their final flogs are likely to include: Skeuomorphism: good or bad? Does the fold exist after all? and What’s the real definition of UX?  For three little lines hamburger menus got […]

  2. A theory of unicorns

    There’s a conversation in the design community about the existence of unicorns. “Unicorns” are designers that can expertly cross disciplines and take on all the design and front-end coding skills needed to deliver a project. They are either mythical or legendary depending on which camp you are in. The “unicorns are mythical” camp say “it […]

  3. Undesigning the password strength indicator

    Updated 30/12/2013 It’s a small unloved corner of the web but I’ve never seen a password strength indicator that I’m happy with. They all seem to be over-designed. A quick Google image search just returns huge amounts of ugliness, and a Dribbble search shows much the same but with more pixel-polish. The standard design pattern […]

  4. Two and a bit thoughts on buttons and interaction design metaphors

    Thought one: The distance that a traditional button on the screen appears to depress is the same distance that a mouse button depresses There is a school of thought going around saying that buttons should be avoided in interface design. This makes a lot of sense for touch interfaces, but before we get rid of […]

  5. Design for zombies

    The new look BBC website homepage has it’s links as just gray text. Not blue, not underlined and with only the faintest of hover effects. As a result, tired and at the end of the day, I found myself reading the headlines as absurdist poetry: Sarkozy warns of disintegration, Inquiry into unfair exam advice, Child […]

  6. Axure wireframe callout widget library

    I looked for it but couldn’t find it so I made it. Here’s an Axure library of callout widgets: It’s not exactly rocket science but hopefully someone might find it useful. Callouts are probably an oddity in the Axure world, as Axure is more based on prototypes rather than wireframes. But at work we use […]

  7. Interface of the Week 2: Mykea product rollover.

    It’s time for another Interface of the Week (actually it’s well overdue). This is a simple one, but it’s a solution that I think creates ate a nice user experience. is a nice website that sells designs on sticky-back plastic that you can add to your plain Ikea furniture. It’s a good idea, and […]

  8. Interface of the week: 1 – First Else

    In a vain attempt to try to get myself writing on this blog more regularly, I’m going to start a weekly series about interfaces that have caught my eye. It’ll be originally titled ‘Interface of the week’. I’m not going to look at things too deeply, but rather just point out the interesting, inspiring, or […]